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Internship Available at Vandenberg Communications

This hands-on, skill-building internship for course credit includes such duties as: drafting and editing press releases and media advisories, tracking and creating press summaries for clients, creating media and grassroots lists for outreach, training in pitching/press outreach, project brainstorming, research, web maintenance, office organization and more.

This supportive and small business environment teaches public relations skills in the political, entertainment, and non-profit fields. Some of our past and present clients include: Pearl Jam, glassybaby, Hedgebrook Women`s Writer Retreat, Music for America, Huntingtonšs Disease Society of America, YouthCare, Living Legacy Foundation, Seattle Tattoo Convention, American Friends Service Committee, People for the American Way, Tom Morello`s Justice Tour, the Vote for Change National Concert Tour, and Foolproof`s American Voices Series. Please visit for more information.

Applicants should have:

  • Excellent communication and organizational skills
  • Ability to multi-task and concentrate in a fast-paced environment
  • Demonstrated writing and proofing abilities (samples appreciated)
  • Knowledgeable on current events (political, entertainment, general)
  • Familiar with Microsoft Office programs
College level juniors and seniors majoring in marketing/communications or journalism are preferred.

This internship is non-paid, but will be applied toward college credit. We ask a 15 hour minimum weekly commitment from applicants. Upon review of resumes, we will set up applicant interviews. One or two applicants will be selected for the quarter.

Please send your resume or questions to Nicole Vandenberg at:
(206) 447-1801 phone
(206) 447-1848 fax
No phone calls please.

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