Material Development

[ Creating materials to tell your story to the media, funders, legislators and other audiences ]

Whether educating a legislator about a specific issue, launching a product or service, pitching a potential funder on a project, or informing a specific audience about how to take action on an issue, you need compelling materials to tell your story or convey your message.

We have strong writers and award-winning designers on board to assist clients in developing materials to appeal to their audiences. Depending on our client’s specific needs, one or more of the following communication tools can be developed:

Press or information kits including press releases, media advisories, biographies, backgrounders, Q & A, one-sheets, timelines, maps, lists of quotes and accomplishments, etc.
Print, radio or television ads or public service announcements
Informational brochures and pamphlets
Flyers/handbills and posters

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