Strategic Philanthropy and Issue Involvement

[ In an advisory capacity, we help clients to define and carry out their visions for philanthropy and issue involvement. ]

This begins by gaining a thorough understanding of issues important to our clients. Our extensive knowledge of progressive issues, non-profit organizations, and philanthropy provides us with the ability to recommend and facilitate strategic alliances, involvement, and contributions compatible with our clients’ unique missions.

This service can vary greatly from client to client and may include one or more of the following:

Managing the numerous requests for client participation in public awareness campaigns, benefit concerts and other fundraising efforts, and making recommendations.
Insuring that a client’s financial contribution go directly to a specific program they are concerned about, paying special attention to tax implications and contribution restrictions.
Helping a client to write and place an op-ed piece summarizing their viewpoint on an issue.
Writing a letter to a member of Congress about an issue a client is concerned about, and arranging a meeting to discuss it.
Writing a fundraising letter on behalf of a client, urging their peers to join them in funding a project or charity.

Frequently, philanthropy and issue involvement are augmented by media outreach to generate awareness of and support for a given issue or organization. Or, to highlight a client’s philanthropy and/or activism in a manner that is comfortable for them and meets their specific goals.

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