Strategic Philanthropy and Issue Involvement

Advice on Issue Involvement and Philanthropy for Pearl Jam

The Need
A high-profile, socially-conscious, and politically active band, Pearl Jam was looking for assistance with their philanthropy and issue involvement.

How We Address It
Vandenberg Communications has served Pearl Jam as their issue and philanthropic advisors since 1992, working closely with band members to manage their many requests for contributions and time, facilitate their contributions to numerous projects and organizations, provide them with advice on strategic giving and issue involvement, and assist them with their advocacy efforts. Often we supplement these efforts with media outreach, leveraging interest in Pearl Jam to generate broader awareness or support for a project the band cares about.

The Result
Serving Pearl Jam in this capacity, we have taken the burden off the band of wading through numerous requests for their time and resources, developing an efficient system to insure that their issue involvement and financial contributions were strategic, effective, and meaningful.


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