Media Relations

[ Utilizing the media to generate awareness, interest and support ]

The media can be used to raise awareness of an issue, publicize an artist and their work, launch a product or service, shape public opinion, reach key opinion leaders, turn people out to a special event, turn them on to a new idea, highlight individual or corporate philanthropy efforts. The possibilities are endless. We work creatively with our clients to develop and implement strategic communications plans to meet their specific goals.

Depending on our clients’ goals, a strategic communications plan may include one or a combination of the following:

Building relationships between key media and our clients
Identifying and securing targeted press and photo opportunities
Crisis management strategy and implementation
Writing and disseminating press releases, media advisories and statements
Serving as a spokesperson for client
Preparing spokespeople to address or respond to
the media
Writing and placing opinion editorials
Arranging editorial meetings in key markets
Facilitating interviews
Coordinating press conferences or media briefings to announce events, projects, and ideas

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